Case Studies

Developers from different engineering teams share their experiences of using Web Components.

ADEO Design System: Building a Web Component library with Svelte

In our case, we felt like we were the early adopters and few resources related to our stack were available.

Bringing Order to Web Design Chaos with Web Components

This has been a really fun project to work on, forcing us to tackle a lot of interesting challenges.

Building Custom Elements with Web Components for the 2020 Elections

PBS NewsHour needed us to build some graphics and charts that had to be easily dropped onto any website.

Building Mux Player on the “slow” platform of web components

We can write code with confidence today, knowing it’s going to work across web frameworks for a very long time.

GitHub's Journey with Web Standards and Web Components

InfoQ has talked with GitHub application engineer Kristján Oddsson to learn about their experience with web components.

How we chose to build our Design System using StencilJS Web Components

We looked at several options to build out web components including Angular Elements, LitElement and StencilJS.

How we use Web Components at GitHub

Web Components offered better portability and encapsulation than our existing JavaScript behaviors.

Implementing a Design Language System with Stencil.js

Stencil leverages Web Components with polyfills and fallbacks. The best part? It’s really, really simple to setup.

ING open sources Lion: A library of performant, accessible & flexible Web Components

ING has a long and rich history of building Web Components.

Looking back on five years of web components

Instead of picking a monolithic solution like a web framework, you just pick the pieces you need.

Photoshop's journey to the web

Photoshop's UI elements come from Adobe's Spectrum Web Components based on the Adobe design system.

Shipping Web Components in 2020

Web Components seemed to be perfectly designed for our use case and the challenges we were running into.

The Firefox UI is now built with Web Components

The Firefox UI can be thought of as a very large single page app. It was built with DOM and JS from the start.

Using web components to encapsulate CSS and resolve design system conflicts

We used the shadow DOM to encapsulate CSS. Templates and slots allowed us to use existing HTML.

Web Components at Scale at Salesforce: Challenges Encountered, Lessons Learnt

Albeit with missing pieces, the Web Components standard was instrumental to achieve Salesforce’s interoperability.

Web Components for Enterprise. Part 1: Salesforce, Oracle, SAP

Web Components are now experiencing rapid growth in the most inert part of the industry: enterprise UI development.

Web Components for Enterprise. Part 2: Nuxeo, Ionic, Vaadin

Overview of UI development platforms targeting mostly corporate customers built using Web Components. engineering blog #1: How we build the site and use Web Components's custom elements mostly inherit from LitElement, which provides a simple base for complex components.

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