Opinions and Takes

Personal opinions on web components standards, related problems, limitations and use cases.

A Web Component Story

Thanks to Web Components, you don't need to rebuild buttons and other UI primitives every few years.

Fake news: 6 false claims about Web Components

There are lots of false claims about Web Components, and in this article, we've debunked six of them.

How searching for a bundle-free React led me to web components

I experimented with web components back in 2015, and things were bad.

It's not about Web Components vs. React

Thanks to Web Components, you don't need to rebuild buttons and other UI primitives every few years.

Let’s talk about web components

Web components are part of the web. They are good for the web. We should be rooting for them.

Misadventures in web components

I had a ton of fun messing around with web components, and I learned a lot.

The failed criticism of Web Components

Why Lea Verou’s criticism of Web Components is misdirected.

The failed promise of Web Components

Web Components had so much potential to empower HTML to do more, and make web development easier.

The Flaws Of Web Components (And Possible Solutions)

Problems and unsupported use cases related to Web Components.

The Perks Of Web Components

Developer experience and business benefits of Web Components.

The Web Components journey: wrong ways, lacking parts and promising paths

Exploring the path of Web Components towards the wider adoption.

There’s No Need To Hate Web Components

Web Components are finally here and they’re ready. Embrace them or hate them, the choice is yours.

What Happened to Web Components?

Web components have promised many awesome things. Why aren’t more developers using them?

Where Web Components Went Wrong (And How We Can Turn It Around)

There's probably little (if any) advantage to using web components for server-rendered apps.

Why I don't use web components

Considerable energy has been expended on web components despite a largely indifferent developer population.

Why I use Web Components - My use cases

Some practical use cases and scenarios where I have found Web Components to be the best solution available.

Why it’s okay for web components to use frameworks

Should standalone web components be written in vanilla JavaScript? Or is it okay if they use their own framework?

Why use Web Components?

JS frameworks offer many perks, but they have drawbacks and this is where Web Components can fill the gap.

Why We Use Web Components

Web Components have made easier to build systems that can support a range of frameworks via a single code base.

You might not need shadow DOM

Ultimately, shadow DOM is not a requirement in order to build Web Components.

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