Component libraries

Collections of web components for building user interfaces.

Apollo Elements

Build high-performance web apps with GraphQL and web components.

Blackstone UI

Web components for creating interfaces built by Blackstone Publishing.

Blaze UI

Framework-free open source UI toolkit.

Blueprint UI

Collection of web components for building UIs that work everywhere.

Brightspace UI Core

Open-source web components for building Brightspace applications.

Clever Components

Collection of Web Components by Clever Cloud.


Web components for interactive scientific writing.


Collection of custom elements by the Skia graphics library team.


High-quality web components for common user interface patterns.

Exadel Smart Library

Lightweight and flexible UI component library based on web components.

GeneXus Web Controls

A custom elements based controls library for GeneXus web applications.

GitHub Elements

GitHub's Web Component collection.

Inventage Web Components

A collection of web components for enterprise portals.

Ionic UI Components

High-level building blocks for Ionic apps.

Joomla UI Components

Collection of framework agnostic UI components used in the Joomla CMS.


Set of web components for abstracting recurrent programming patterns.


Accessible web components for building web UIs of the federal administration.


Accessible white label web components for building your design system.


Collection of reusable components developed by Penn State University.


HTML elements for defining rich and interactive 2D or 3D applications.

Medblocks UI

Web Components for rapid development of openEHR and FHIR systems.

Mettle Custom Elements

Collection of custom elements to be used in front-end applications.


Custom elements for working with media in the browser that Just Work™.


A library of re-usable data visualization Web Components developed by EBI.

Nuxeo Elements

Set of web components to build custom content-centric front-end applications.

One Platform Components

Web components library for Red Hat One Platform.

Oracle JET

Collection of reusable components to build websites and user interfaces.


A growing web components library and a toolkit for building design systems.

Pixano Elements

Re-usable web components dedicated to data annotation tasks.

Quark Design

Cross-framework UI component library based on web components.

Smart HTML Elements

Suite of web components to build stunning web applications.

Titanium Elements

Collection of open source custom elements by the Leavitt Group.

Tradeshift Elements

Reusable Tradeshift UI Components as Web Components.

Umbraco UI Library

Collection of user interface components for Umbraco CMS and friends.

VSCode Webview Elements

Web component library for developing Visual Studio Code extensions.

Wired Elements

A set of common UI elements with a hand-drawn, sketchy look.

Wokwi Elements

Web Components for Arduino and various Electronics and IoT Parts.

Zoo web components

Set of reusable web-components that implement Z+ shop style guide.

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