Design Systems

Web Components based implementations of design systems built by different companies.

Astro UXDS

Space UX Design System for building rich space app experiences.

AXA Design System

Design System of AXA Switzerland to build cohesive web applications.

Bolt Design System

Bolt is the foundation of Pega’s network of websites.

Calcite Design System

UI kit, icons, color schemes, and a web component library by ArcGIS.

Carbon for Web Components

A Carbon for variant that is as easy to use as native HTML elements.

Clarity Core

An open-source, enterprise-focused design system by VMware.


A refreshed design library for Freshworks Developers.

Dell Design System

UI elements for building and designing Dell based user interfaces.

Duet Design System

Components and tools to build digital products for LocalTapiola and Turva.

Edison Design System

EDS ensures a consistent look and feel across GE Healthcare applications.

Element Framework

Web components and tooling aligned with Refinitiv's design system.


The adaptive interface system for modern web experiences.

Fluent UI Web Components

Microsoft's web components designed for building Fluent web apps.

Forge Components

Web Components based on the Forge Design System by Tyler Technologies.

Graphite Design System

PAQT's white-label design system for digital products and experiences.

Group UI

The Volkswagen Group digital design system for modular user interfaces.

Ignite UI Web Components

Components based on the Indigo.Design design system by Infragistics.

Infor Enterprise Components

Enterprise web component library based on the Infor Design System.

Lightning Web Components

Component library implementing Salesforce’s Lightning Design System.

Liquid Oxygen

UI component library based on the Liquid Design System.

Lyne Components

Experimental base components for Lyne Design System.

Material Web

Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, accessible web applications.

Momentum UI

UI components and utilities based on Momentum Design by Webex.


Nordhealth’s design system for brand, products and digital experiences.


British Gas design system to build a more coherent web experience.

PatternFly Elements

A set of web components based on PatternFly design.


JSTOR’s design system to create cohesive and beautiful experiences.

Red Hat design system

Components and documentation for creating Red Hat digital experiences.


Telekom Digital Design System for products and experiences.


A forward-thinking library of web components by Cory LaViska.

Siemens iX

Open source design system to create the perfect digital experience.

Spectrum Web Components

An implementation of Spectrum, Adobe’s design system.

UI5 Web Components

Reusable UI elements implementing the SAP Fiori design language. Design System

A system to help you write, design, and build digital services on

Vaadin design system

Components, themes, design assets and tooling for building consistent UIs.


Vonage’s design system to help product teams work more efficiently.

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