Standalone Elements

Individual open source web components with zero or few dependencies.


A web component with minimal set of dependencies for implementing an out-of-the-box commenting solution.


A chess board custom element that works anywhere HTML works. Fork of the wonderful chessboard.js library.


Code block custom element with syntax highlighting and copy button, powered by highlight.js library.


A web component for drawing patterns with CSS. It generates a grid of divs by the rules (plain CSS) inside it.


A custom element that allows you to easily put a Dark Mode πŸŒ’ toggle or switch on your site.


A lightweight emoji picker, distributed as a web component. Supports Emoji v14.0 and custom emoji.


Custom HTML component to place a map on any web page, powered by the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


A custom element that accepts File objects being dropped on it and fires an event when a successful drop occurs.


A zero-dependency web component to filter visible child elements based on form field values.


A collection of a few gauge libraries, converted to web components.


A zero-dependency web component for comparing two images using a slider.

Image Display Control

A custom <img> element that responsively displays the best fitting image region.


A rotating, touch-sensitive knob web component that you can use like an <input type="range">.


A new performance-focused way to add interactive client-side components to your web site.


Web Component to visualize JSON data in a tree view, built with Lit library.


A custom element that provide videos with a supercharged focus on visual performance.


Prototype implementation of the <map> media element defined in the MapML specification.


A web component for easy math input: works just like <textarea>, but for math.


A web component to render stylable Markdown in your HTML. Uses marked under the hood.


Miller columns (cascading lists) web component for hierarchical topic selection on GOV.UK.


A web component to display interactive 3D models on the web & in AR.


Web component to automatically switch out tags with oEmbed-compatible social websites. Build with Lit library.


Media player web component with uniform API across platforms.


Web Component for progressively enhancing image placeholders once they are in the viewport.


Accessible range slider custom element with keyboard support. Follows the ARIA best practices guide on sliders.


Custom Element for Open-API spec viewing, built with Lit library.


Selectize-like component written in Svelte, usable as custom element.

Swiper Element

Swiper web components are available since Swiper version 9.


A simple tab-control web component.


An animated custom HTML element which toggles between light theme, dark theme, and OS theme.


A rich text editor custom element for everyday writing. An open-source project from Basecamp.

Vanilla Colorful

A tiny color picker web component for modern web apps (2.7 KB). Port of React Colorful to vanilla Custom Elements.


A customizable, extensible, accessible and framework agnostic media player.


A web component to load and display an external MD file. Uses Marked and Prism libraries under the hood.

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